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Gypsy Moth STS Treatment Applicator Files

Google Earth KML Files (current planning database treatments):
All STS Treatments
Mating Disrutpion Contract Treatments
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Lat/Lon NAD83 Shapefiles: Each state/treatment zipfile will contain an Esri shapefile (.shp,.shx,.dbf,.prj) in lat/lon NAD83, of which the .shp will be loaded into Satloc or Agnav. E.g., trt_IL_ddn83_md.shp.

See Satloc and Agnav documentation for converting these files into NO1 files (Agnav) or .JOB files (Satloc)
and loading into the software.

All shapefiles current as of 12:00PM, April 27th, 2021

Latest Project Wide Treatment Shapefile (NAD83).

Latest Restricted Areas Shapefile (NAD83)

Download state/treatment shapefiles:

State Treatment Type Shapefile KMZ (requires Google Earth)
Illinois Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Indiana Mating Disruption trt_IN_ddn83_md.kmz
non-Mating Disruption trt_IN_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Iowa Mating Disruption trt_IA_ddn83_md.kmz
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A 
Kentucky Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A 
Minnesota Mating Disruption trt_MN_ddn83_md.kmz
non-Mating Disruption trt_MN_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
North Carolina Mating Disruption trt_NC_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_NC_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Ohio Mating Disruption trt_OH_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_OH_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
Tennessee Mating Disruption trt_TN_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Virginia Mating Disruption trt_VA_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption trt_VA_ddn83_NONmd.kmz 
West Virginia Mating Disruption N/A N/A
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A
Wisconsin Mating Disruption trt_WI_ddn83_md.kmz 
non-Mating Disruption N/A N/A 
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