Atlas is a stand alone GIS application for viewing trap data (.csv), correction of errors, GPS download. and FTP upload, It is the successor to TrapView and incorporates functions of the GPSi and FTP Uploader as well. It is an all in one package.

Atlas is a 34 MB download that includes the distribution as well as the shapefiles you will need to do error corrections. It requires a seperate installation of the Dotnet Framework version 2 or greater, if that is not already installed on the target machine. This release also contains the Garmin USB drivers and bug fixes.

Note that the 2012 version contains signifigant code revisions to support the new Garmin 62s units and USB drive-like GPS units. There is also a KML file generated with each download now. It is absolutely essential to update to this newer version to support those units and if you want important bug fixes.

State site shapefiles are added as the sites become finalized in the database. If your state is not yet included, make sure we know you are finished editing your sites in the planning database.


A comprehensive manual for Atlas was created by Erich Borchardt (Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture). It is available in PDF form and can be downloaded here .

Complimentary Support Data

Atlas Data (220 MB)

This file contains the latest baselayer information.

The Atlas data is in Albers8 and also contains a sample project.


Patch Info
REQUIRED Please have the Dotnet Framework version 2 or higher installed prior to installing this product.
Contact: Steve Crisp
File Size: 34 MB
Requirements: dotnet 2+


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